Florida Nurse Registry License #:30211992South Carolina License IHCP-0818

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We’ll Get You Up and Running with Your Own Profitable Health Care Business in The State where you reside… Start your own health care business and Request consultation services!

With the constant changes to state licensing standards, regulatory requirements and accreditation standards, it’s no wonder that getting started with your own healthcare business can be so difficult. Not only are you starting a new business (which is challenging enough) but you’re also dealing with major hassles from a regulatory standpoint. Book our consultation services to guide you through the initial stages!!

Serious Candidates Only
Qualifying Factors to Consider:
Clear Local and National Level 2 Background Screening
Credentials: Work Experience, CNA, RN, LPN License or Associate, bachelor’s degree or Higher

Types of home care businesses:

  • Case Management
  • Support Coordination
  • Private Duty Nursing Business
  • Homemaker/Companion Business
  • Personal Care Services Business
  • Dietitian Nutrition Business
  • Physical
  • Speech or Occupational Therapy Business
  • Assisted Living Business
  • Group Home
  • Child or Adult Day Care
  • Behavior Analysis Business
  • CPR
  • First Aid Instructor Business
  • And so much more


Do you provide me with clients?

  • No, we do not provide or solicit clients or referrals to you. The state licensing agency will assist with leads for your business.

Do you submit all my paperwork to the state for me?

  • No, you are responsible for submitting all your paperwork, credentials, background screenings, and documents to the licensing department.

After I complete and send off my application to the state agency, will I automatically be approved as a home care agency?

  • No, the state has their own process that can take up to 30-60 days minimum to get your application processed and approved. If the state agency determines you need to submit more information, that could delay your processing time. Please keep in mind the state agency will run their own background investigation on you and your credentials and references are checked. The state agency will either issue a denial or approval based on your references, character, eligible documents, background, experience, and credentials.

What’s the purpose of consultation services?

  • To assist with guiding you in the right direction as a start-up business owner. Many people are qualified to start their own home care business but are unaware which direction to turn or how to get started. Our consultation services will assist only with the initial materials to get you started.

Are there fees associated with the state application packages to become licensed and approved?

  • Yes, there are start-up fees that the state agency may charge as it relates to background screenings, business insurance, and any other business-related matters.

Do you guide me through the licensure and certification process?

  • Our consultation service is only intended to guide you into the initial stage.

What if I have a simple a question while completing my application, can I contact you for guidance or advice?

  • Yes, advice will be given for a simple question. If a simple question turns into hours of conversation, you will have to pay a fee for consultation for phone or skype session.

Do I need business experience?

  • Business experience is not necessarily needed but highly recommended. We would advise you to do your own research about the type of business your considering.

Do I need a lot of money to get started?

  • You did need a cash fund or something to carry you through if the state delay payments, which the state often do, especially if your hiring staff.

When is the best time to get started with a business?

  • Whenever you’re ready to step out on faith, ambitious, dedicated, and income tax season, so you can invest your money wisely.

Why do I need to be strong-minded, dedicated or ambitious?

  • In this business, you will be tested often from everyone including family, friends, staff, clients, and you need to have a strong mind and a will to keep going to provide a better future for yourself and family.

Can I keep my current full or part-time job?

  • Yes, as you’re starting up, it’s recommended that you still maintain your current place of employment until your business gets to a place where it’s paying your bills and your’e able to keep your overhead costs maintained.

Do I need an office?

  • Office space is not required depending upon the service you plan to offer, you can have a small professional lockable office space in your home that can house your files, credentials, and paperwork. If you plan to hire staff, it’s recommended that you rent a small office space.

How can I keep and maintain a long-lasting business?

  • You, as the owner of the organization, should possess professionalism, values, morals, determination, willingness to learn, listen, seek out advice, and never give up. We look forward to speaking with you. For any questions, please send us an email at Director@sorinityhealth.com or regionalmanager@sorinityhealth.com